Trevor Hardy

Hello, my name is Trevor Hardy and I am a dreamer! That’s what I was always told in school, thing is, they forgot to point out that they didn’t mean it to be a career path but these days, that is exactly what I am, a professional Dreamer.

I run ‘FoolHARDY Films’, a stop-motion animation company in West Sussex. ‘FoolHARDY Films’ produce beautiful hand-made stop-motion animations for many clients, from blu-tack to Nickelodeon. I am an independent Animation filmmaker, making various films both personal and commissioned. I love making films, I love the whole process from start to finish. I have been animating for over 17 years and I never get bored of it. I NEVER grow weary of watching a new character come to life; SUPERB!!!! I have won many awards both nationally and internationally. My short film ‘Pushkin’ was shortlisted for BAFTA and the Cartoon D’or award. I have also won awards from many prestigious animation festivals, Raindance, Mofilm, Anifest, Montreal stopmotion festival, London International Film festival, Bradford animation Festival and the British Animation awards, to name but a few.

So if you have a project, big or small. Get in touch! Let's talk about it.